We continue healthcare business, in particular on the pharmaceutical market, for more than 20 years.

Mainly provide a support of clinical trial (CSV: Computerized System Validation) and compliance service (System of Transparency guidelines) for pharmaceutical companies.
Moreover, we are working on the new researches and developments to solve the social problems of the healthcare area with IT technology.
Especially, we are doing joint research with institutions, such as university, on the those three areas; “Improvement of Sleep”, “Promotion of HealthTech” and “Dementia prevention”.

【System service for pharmaceutical companies】

We assist pharmaceutical companies in inspecting the suitability of the computer system, which is newly set up for clinical trial.
Nowadays it is demanded to be much more transparent because the cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and medical institution (medical personnel) became more important than before.
So, we provide a “System of Transparency guidelines,” which is in conformity to each law, industry rule and company rule, to check the activity of pharmaceutical companies automatically.


  • Draw up Computerized System Validation (CSV) document
  • Set up System of Transparency guidelines.

【Promotion of HealthTech】(R&D)

Health is preserved and promoted by body, cognition and mind. Demand of healthcare is much high in Japan, and it is possible to expand national market into international one in the future.

We are working on researches and developments of healthcare on the area of “Digital healthcare” from various points of view.

Service area About Example
Digital Health Service with analysis of the vital information e-clinical chart, medical examination system, PHR, remote operation, sleep improvement App etc…
Digital Medicine Medical practice, which is permitted by Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, such as diagnosis, therapy and prevention, with clinical evidences. Support of it. diagnosis with CT/MRI images, diabetes diagnosis system, simulation of irradiation, etc…
Digital Therapeutics
Promote the effects of the therapies of diabetes and mental problems with smartphones and IoT devices. sleep improvement App, medicine management App, etc…


★Development of “mountain-climbing application” which has physical analyze function.


we are also working on developing other systems;

  • sleep improvement tool
  • examination tool of “smell and cognition”
  • Portable brain wave analyzer
  • Diagnosis system of dementia
; UA-40268731-1